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    Pingxiang guanghua industrial packing co., LTD. Is China petrochemical corporation、Puit designated equipment manufacturing industry, etc、Product supply、Engineering construction、Install the appointed,The main production of ceramic、The metal、Plastic chemical packing, etc,A wide variety,To provide power、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Environmental protection、Dye、Pharmaceutical、Oil refining、Light industry and other industries need products,All staff of solidarity,Pioneering spirit,Has developed into an independent contract completed、Medium-sized chemical units in all kinds of brick lining plate and other kinds of packing for installation of modern enterprise。
   Enterprise existing staff nearly hundred people,Which has the title of engineering and technical personnel17People,Good production、Engineering machinery and inspection measurement equipment,In order to ensure the high quality project provides a strong guarantee。
   Enterprise management department is complete、Responsibilities clear、Rich experience、Measures are in place,By setting up and runningISO9001:2000Quality management system,In order to ensure the implementation“The user is supreme,Customer satisfaction”,Let users in my factory product、Get the interests of the largest engineering quality laid a solid foundation。
   Enterprise technical force is abundant,Over the years has produced a large number of professional theory knowledge、All kinds of professional and technical personnel with rich work experience.....More and more>>
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